Finished, honest this time19th March 2013

The site has been fully moved over from the old host, and everything has been brought upto date with new API's i created. You can log in with facebook and leave comments or you can register with the good ole form.

The URL's are more user friendly and navigating the categories should be easier now! 

Ive added OG tages for facebook so you can link directly to our videos

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Currently Moving the Site over11th March 2013

Im currently swapping the hosting for the site over to myself, but i need to prep some things, and swap over to use my own system, which means rewriting most the site, im working on it, and it should be back up ASAP!

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Likes and whatnot10th January 2012

So ive added a like, share, twitter and google plus bar, then I took them all off and added a addthis bar, which is awesome and does it all for you!

Ill be finishing adding all my youtube videos and see what happens then :D


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