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Strongbads Creepypasta

Strongbads Creepypasta

This is strongbads crapypasta, i mean creepy pasta, OooOoOOOoOOoOooo

witty Game/Gamestation jo...

witty Game/Gamestation joke

Me and my bro were talking about how game/gamestation never has any PC games, yet they stop steam selling them....   UPDATE: Looks like i can tell the future, trololol

Jezzer Kyle - FUS RO DAH!...

Jezzer Kyle - FUS RO DAH!!!!!


Blond Woman Walking Up an...

Blond Woman Walking Up an Escala...

Guts, Guts and Miiight.... I thought the original needed some montage music and a fancy filter, Enjoy :P Original:

Ryan Made: A Halloween Sp...

Ryan Made: A Halloween Special!

I was playing around with this idea for abit, so i thought this collection would be interesting

GO Animate is Gay, hella ...

GO Animate is Gay, hella gay

Once youtube was bothering me to try out this go animate thing, so i did what im best at... making awkward convosations, theres no hate here, its all love! but i do hate those vegimatariums, maybe a little